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Are you paying too much for your business electricity?

Cost control is crucial when deciding who manages your energy. Therefore at Able Power we are in a position to source, manage and provide the cheapest electricity from all the major suppliers.

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Energy Surveys

As a company we are able to offer FREE Energy Management Surveys in order to streamline your energy costs. We will send our surveyor to your company to assess the make up of your building and we will ultimately give you short, medium and long term solutions to reduce your energy costs.




Does changing your gas supplier cause you concern?

At Able Power we can source the most cost effective supplier to suit your needs. We compare prices from all the leading gas suppliers. Once we have assessed your gas requirements we will monitor them on an ongoing basis.



Solar Engery

Solar Energy is a great way for your business to reduce your carbon footprint, create revenue (from generating electricity) and save money by reducing your reliance on electricity supplied by your energy company. If you have thought about solar panels, are looking to fit them or would just like some more information


Energy Management Surveys

Able Power recognise that the risks associated with business energy use are increasing. Energy prices are becoming volatile and increasing regulation is placing further administrative burden and reputational risk on business, and as a result it is more essential than ever that our clients take action to manage energy risk.  


For this reason Able Power bring together energy procurement and the management of energy consumption. Our aim is to ensure that all our clients realise effective and ongoing cost savings and minimise their exposure to energy risk.


Free Energy Audits

In offering free energy audits we actively support our clients to identify cost savings, energy savings and opportunities for the reduction of environmental emissions, gaining them a head start towards realising efficiency savings and mitigating energy risk.


Using the key information that we are able to collate supported by a site survey and interview lead by one of our experiences assessors, we will deliver an analysis of a building’s consumption and management characteristics, and a technical and economic appraisal of energy efficiency measures. Our energy audit report will include:


Energy Usage Profile:

Complete with carbon footprint the usage profile identifies and benchmarks a buildings actual performance in terms of consumption and spend.


Management Diagnostic:

A quality review of energy management practices in relation to policies and structure, information systems, occupant engagement as well as procurement and investment procedures.


Opportunities Assessment:

An appraisal of energy and carbon reduction measures, defined in terms of efficiency savings and cost, and supported by the underlying rationale, associated risks and guidance for implementing the measure.


Energy Action Plan:

Prioritised improvement recommendations listing investment appraisals including efficiency savings and cost estimates with reference to applicable financial support and funding mechanisms, accompanied by projected implementation timeframe


For those clients who may already have had an energy survey provided by another agency, we will undertake to review, update and expand any reports as necessary, in order that we can provide effective and ongoing support to all our clients seeking to realise tangible energy and carbon savings.


You can download an example of one of our Energy Audit Reports here. Energy Audit Report example


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