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Are you paying too much for your business electricity?

Cost control is crucial when deciding who manages your energy. Therefore at Able Power we are in a position to source, manage and provide the cheapest electricity from all the major suppliers.

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Energy Surveys

As a company we are able to offer FREE Energy Management Surveys in order to streamline your energy costs. We will send our surveyor to your company to assess the make up of your building and we will ultimately give you short, medium and long term solutions to reduce your energy costs.




Does changing your gas supplier cause you concern?

At Able Power we can source the most cost effective supplier to suit your needs. We compare prices from all the leading gas suppliers. Once we have assessed your gas requirements we will monitor them on an ongoing basis.



Solar Engery

Solar Energy is a great way for your business to reduce your carbon footprint, create revenue (from generating electricity) and save money by reducing your reliance on electricity supplied by your energy company. If you have thought about solar panels, are looking to fit them or would just like some more information



At Able Power we actively source competitive energy prices from leading gas and electricity suppliers to provide your business with cheap business energy.


Please fill in any relevant information you have available in the forms below and we'll do the rest. We will get back to you with a choice of cheap business energy quotations today.


In order for us to speak with your energy suppliers, we require your written authorisation. Please print out the below PDF on your letter headed paper, and have available copies of your gas and/or electricity bills from your current supplier. This is all we need to progress a complimentary review.

Under no circumstances will we enter you into a new agreement, this will require a further confirmation (usually in writing) from you.

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